6 reasons to choose Granite Countertops for Kitchen

So you have been planning a kitchen renovation? You are planning to add new cabinets, new backsplash and even a new countertop. You will find plenty of material options when it comes to countertops but the material that outshines the rest is the “granite” stone. Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials among the homeowners where it is available in so many colors and patterns that you can easily match it with the rest of the kitchen elements. Whether you are considering to give your kitchen a traditional or a modern contemporary look, you can never go wrong with “granite” as your kitchen countertop. Read on below to find some more benefits of granite installation for kitchen countertops in Las Vegas.

Granite Countertops for Kitchen

Kitchen Value & Aesthetics: Granite material is something that would last for years (if properly maintained & care) thereby adding more value to the kitchen. And when it comes to aesthetics, granite countertops will give your kitchen an elegant and natural look where the natural swirls and variations on the granite will make your countertop a stand out element in your kitchen.

Durability: The kitchen countertops are the most used surface in your kitchen and as granite is a durable stone you can certainly consider it for your kitchen countertop. Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth and comes second to diamonds in terms of hardness and durability. And hence, as your kitchen countertop goes through a lot of wear and tear granite becomes the perfect countertop choice.

Eco-Friendliness: Granite is excavated from the earth and is something that cannot be manufactured. This natural stone, when mined from the earth, is then polished and turned into slabs for different uses. Hence, this makes it one of the most eco-friendliest materials out there.

Dirt and Bacteria-Proof: As granite countertops are sealed (with a sealant) before being used for kitchen countertops you wouldn’t have to worry about dirt or bacteria being accumulated on your countertop’s surface. Even if you spill any oil or sauce on it you will be able to clean it easily.

Heat and Scratch Proof: Granites are resilient to heat and hence, you can place hot pans and pots on top of it without having to worry about any permanent stains or marks on it. Likewise, it is resilient to scratches and does not chip easily.

Easy Care & Maintenance: Granite does not need too much looking after. You can clean it on daily basis with some warm water and a mild cleaner and you are good to go. Well, it also depends on the color as well as the daily use of your countertop.

Yes, granite might seem a bit expensive as a kitchen countertop but if you consider its shelf life than it is certainly worth it. Hence, do consider granite countertop installation for your kitchen while looking out for countertop materials during a kitchen renovation.


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