3 Vital Tips on Granite Countertop Maintenance

Granite countertops are indeed a grandiose addition to any home as each specimen is like an inimitable piece of artwork. Granite is available in so many varied colors that homeowners have a wide array of options to choose from. Granite material is something that would fit and compliment any decor or design scheme. Granites are durable and they don’t need that much looking after for it to last a very long time. You don’t need to be too much vigilant when it comes to its looking after instead you just have to avoid some bad habits and focus on the maintenance when needed. If you have got new granite countertops installed in your kitchen, you can keep them in a good condition and as new as a pin by following the below-mentioned maintenance tips:


Sealing of Countertops

After the granite countertop installation, make sure to use a quality sealant in order to protect your granite from spillages and the regular wear and tear. You will find many effective sealants in the market but do ask for your supplier’s advice on the right product to use for your countertop. Invest in sealants that last longer (requires minimal maintenance or reapplications) than the cheaper ones.

Avoid Bad Habits

Just because granite material is durable doesn’t mean you have to treat it differently than any other type of material. Remember to attend to the spills on an immediate basis; always make sure that you use coasters, hot pads, trivets for placing hot vessels so that you don’t harm the stone, cutting boards while working on granite countertops. Yes, they can handle a bit of wear and tear, but a little care and maintenance will only add to the shelf-life of the countertop.

Routine cleanup

Avoid using strong chemicals when cleaning your granite countertops. Only use a granite cleaning spray instead of using vinegar, bleach, ammonia, citrus cleaners, powder cleanser or bathroom cleaners and even the regular dishwashing liquid. To clean the surface daily use a soft cloth or a microfiber cloth instead of using coarse sponges that could abrade the surface. One more thing you can do after every few weeks is pour few drops of water on the space that is used the most and check whether it soaks it up or the water beads up on the surface. If the water gets soaked up, it indicates that your granite countertop needs a sealant reapplication. When your countertop requires a more thorough cleaning, you should consult professionals to do the work instead of going DIY.


Tips For Maintaining The Exquisite Look Of Your Granite Countertop

The kitchen decor has been revolutionized lately and a survey conducted in 2017 suggests that house owners invest more money in the kitchen than any other rooms in the house. With the new designs for cabinets and countertops in the market, everybody wants it. But the material that has remained during this revolution is “granite”. Granite is a material that is been popular with countertops for over a decade.

Granite Maintenace

The reason that granite has been popular is that it is durable and honestly it doesn’t take much effort to keep it in great shape for a long time. Granites are not so fragile that you have to treat it with silk gloves but still it is recommended to maintain it appropriately.

Regular cleaning

Cleaning is important and should be done regularly. But you should avoid harsh chemical cleaners when you clean it. Appropriate granite cleaners should be used to clean and later a soft cloth to dry the countertop. Avoid using cleaners that have ammonia, vinegar, citrus cleaners and powder cleansers, etc.

Treat it gently

Treating your granite countertop gently is important. Although granite is really durable and can handle a bit of rough use, if you avoid rough habits then your countertop can be maintained for a long time. You can wipe spills off the countertop, use cutting board, coasters, and hot pads to save your countertops from damages. Thus it’s better to be careful than ignorant.


Granites are naturally non-pours material and many manufacturers seal the granite slab before they ship it. But applying sealant regularly is recommended. Here is what you can do – Every now and then spill some drops of water on the part of the granite countertop that you use the most. If the water beads up then it is alright and if it doesn’t then it is time to reapply the granite sealant. This is hardly needed actually because the initial sealant that is applied is practically impenetrable.


Having an attractive kitchen decor adds value to your home. And maintaining your kitchen countertop will add an elegant look to your kitchen. There will be many good Granite Countertop Installation services where you live. You can buy and install the best quality stones from them.

Dark granite countertop Vs Light granite countertop

So you are building a brand new kitchen or just renovating the older one, well, there are decisions that you need to take – Light or bold colors on the wall? Marble or granite countertop? White or rich colored cabinets? See, some decisions are easy…. but for others the possibilities are endless.

One of the most important decisions that you need to make is choosing the type of material for your kitchen countertops. And given that you have decided to go with granite countertops then you must have got stuck with choosing between light or dark colored granite.

Granites are generally a popular choice because of its beauty, durability and easy maintenance and the fact that it adds greater value to your home. Using the right type of granite is important as it’s a long-term investment. Well, let’s see the difference between light and dark colored granites and which granite kitchen countertop would be best for your kitchen:

Dark granite countertop Vs Light granite countertop

Difference between dark and light granite

Apart from colors, the main difference between these two is that dark granite is denser than light granite. The extra density of dark granite makes it more immune to staining, chipping and other damages. Generally, all varieties of granites are durable, but dark granites hold up against excessive wear and tear.

Consider your kitchen’s color scheme

Before you even start looking for countertop options, think about the color scheme that you want to maintain in your kitchen. See that your countertop color blends in with the rest of the color schemes of your kitchen. For example, if you have darker tones in the kitchen then you can use a light colored countertop to lighten up your kitchen space.

Consider the interiors of your home

During kitchen remodeling, you also have to think about the other elements of your home. If you have a modern looking home you may have to lean towards high contrast colors for your kitchen remodeling. If you have a country-style home, you may have to select the appropriate cabinets and countertop that falls in line with the aesthetics of the entire house. You can even get neutral countertops for your kitchen as that would fit in with the general appearance of your home. See that you choose the right colored granite for your kitchen countertop as out of tune color can downplay the whole aesthetic game of your house.

Granites are a better choice for kitchen countertops. But the decision of choosing between dark and light colored granite totally depends upon you. Both the granites are beautiful in their own unique way and you can choose them keeping in mind the rest of the elements of your kitchen as well as home.

6 reasons to choose Granite Countertops for Kitchen

So you have been planning a kitchen renovation? You are planning to add new cabinets, new backsplash and even a new countertop. You will find plenty of material options when it comes to countertops but the material that outshines the rest is the “granite” stone. Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials among the homeowners where it is available in so many colors and patterns that you can easily match it with the rest of the kitchen elements. Whether you are considering to give your kitchen a traditional or a modern contemporary look, you can never go wrong with “granite” as your kitchen countertop. Read on below to find some more benefits of granite installation for kitchen countertops in Las Vegas.

Granite Countertops for Kitchen

Kitchen Value & Aesthetics: Granite material is something that would last for years (if properly maintained & care) thereby adding more value to the kitchen. And when it comes to aesthetics, granite countertops will give your kitchen an elegant and natural look where the natural swirls and variations on the granite will make your countertop a stand out element in your kitchen.

Durability: The kitchen countertops are the most used surface in your kitchen and as granite is a durable stone you can certainly consider it for your kitchen countertop. Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth and comes second to diamonds in terms of hardness and durability. And hence, as your kitchen countertop goes through a lot of wear and tear granite becomes the perfect countertop choice.

Eco-Friendliness: Granite is excavated from the earth and is something that cannot be manufactured. This natural stone, when mined from the earth, is then polished and turned into slabs for different uses. Hence, this makes it one of the most eco-friendliest materials out there.

Dirt and Bacteria-Proof: As granite countertops are sealed (with a sealant) before being used for kitchen countertops you wouldn’t have to worry about dirt or bacteria being accumulated on your countertop’s surface. Even if you spill any oil or sauce on it you will be able to clean it easily.

Heat and Scratch Proof: Granites are resilient to heat and hence, you can place hot pans and pots on top of it without having to worry about any permanent stains or marks on it. Likewise, it is resilient to scratches and does not chip easily.

Easy Care & Maintenance: Granite does not need too much looking after. You can clean it on daily basis with some warm water and a mild cleaner and you are good to go. Well, it also depends on the color as well as the daily use of your countertop.

Yes, granite might seem a bit expensive as a kitchen countertop but if you consider its shelf life than it is certainly worth it. Hence, do consider granite countertop installation for your kitchen while looking out for countertop materials during a kitchen renovation.

Why Granite Is the Perfect Stone For Fireplaces?

So you have been thinking about renovating your fireplace and are confused about which material to go for. Well, no matter, if you are renovating or installing a new fireplace the material that would add value and elegance to your room, would be none other than “granite”. A fireplace in a room brings a classic feel to the decor where it not only adds to the ambiance but also lowers the utility bills. And who wouldn’t want to spend their winter afternoons near a fireplace all curled up in their favorite chair? Sounds wonderful right? Yes, so you are all set to install a fireplace in your living room and when it comes to choosing the material for it you will find many options out there but as said above granite tops the list. Let’s look at some reasons as for why Granite Installation is perfect for your fireplace and mantle:

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Granite’s Durability:

Granite is popular for its durability where this natural stone is resilient to heat and abrasion (virtually) and will not dent or nick easily when compared to other stone materials. As it is highly resilient to heat you can consider it as a perfect choice for hearths as well as mantles.

And if you have a very busy lifestyle you will be glad to know that granite is super convenient and easy to maintain. Yes, you need to call professionals to clean the interiors but when it comes to cleaning the exteriors you do not have to worry too much. Warm water with some mild soap is enough for cleaning the stone and if there are tough stains you can add a little amount of water to the water + soap solution.

Plenty of options:

Granite is such material that is available in a plethora of patterns and colors. Some of the granite slabs have such swirls and variations that they truly are a beauty to behold. You will even find a color complementing your decor and hence you wouldn’t have to worry about it becoming the odd one out. However, remember to choose a color that functions as a focal piece and not one that matches along with other elements of the room.


Granite has this unique aesthetic appeal that makes it one of the top considerations when it comes to choosing a material for a fireplace. Not only that, it adds a feel of luxuriousness and elegance to the room and as its durability is high your fireplace will keep looking as good as new. And the cherry on the cake here is that granite is very easy to maintain which makes it an advantage when you have a big and busy family.

3 Major Benefits of Black Granite Countertop

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen, especially your kitchen countertop? If yes, then you must have considered the material for your kitchen countertop. Well, when it comes to remodeling a kitchen, choosing the countertop material is perhaps one of the most important and daunting decisions you have to make. You can choose from different stone materials such as marble, granite, quartz, and tiles as these are available in a wide range of colors and textures and will give your kitchen a unique appearance when it comes to aesthetics. One of the most popular and most preferred stone among the homeowners is granite as it very durable and is available in amazing colors and patterns (rich swirls and patterns). Among the many colors of granite, black granite is the color that can really transform your kitchen. Black is generally not considered appropriate by most homeowners, but black is the color that would give your kitchen space a bold splash which no other granite color can give. Let’s look at some reasons why you should be going to black Granite Countertop Installation for your kitchen:

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There are many misconceptions that generally surrounds the color black and that too when it is being considered to be used in any area of the home. Well, putting aside all the superstitions and false impressions or considering it dark or cold, going for black granite material for your kitchen countertop can give your kitchen space a total makeover, making your kitchen an odd one out from the rest of the house.

Kitchen Furnishings:

When you are considering what color countertop to go for you also need to be considering other elements of your kitchen i.e. whether it would go with the rest of the elements of the kitchen or not. One of the major elements would be the kitchen furniture. When you choose black granite for your kitchen countertop you don’t have to think too much when it comes to cabinetry as black is such color that complements every color out there – be it pastels or vibrant colors. If you want to add some character to your kitchen then black granite is what you should really go for. Black granite will even go with your existing cabinets if you are limited on budget and are planning to skimp on renovating them. Black color granite countertop will not only accentuate the other colors in the kitchen but will also give your space a unique look and feel.


As black granite is less popular possibilities are there that you might find great deals on it. The price of a black granite stone generally depends on where they are mined and its swirls and variations.

Moreover, when it comes to maintaining black granite stone even though they are low maintenance they should be properly maintained in order to maintain its appearance. Yes, you might be thinking that as the granite’s color is black it would require even less maintenance. Well, yes it does cover the stains and spills but would require the same maintenance that a granite with any color needs. Regular look after is kind of mandatory if you want to preserve the stone’s shine and add to its shelf life. Cleaning a granite countertop is pretty simple. You just have to use a mild, antibacterial soap with water for cleaning and have to seal the surface (after every year) to preserve its beauty and shine.

5 Tips on choosing the right Granite Countertop Company

Granite pieces in any part of your home are a valuable investment for both your home as well as your lifestyle. Granites are available in so many colors and patterns that it makes them the most preferred choices of homeowners. Yes, they are expensive but when fabricated and installed properly can turn into an eye-catching artwork in a home. Granites are something which when maintained and cleaned properly can last for many years and one of the best ways to ensure its long service life is to choose the right granite material providers. Let’s look at some things that you must consider before choosing a Granite Installation provider in Las Vegas:

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Wide Options to Offer:

It is being said that every granite piece is unique and no two pieces are identical. Hence, remember that a good granite provider would have more options to offer from Adirondack Birch, Alaska White, Antigua Beach, Astoria Gold, Black Pearl, Tasmanian Green and much more. Also, make sure that you ask them about the country they source their granite from as there are some granite pieces which are dyed to imitate the valuable ones.

Avoid Prefabricated Granite:

When you go for buying granite the granite provider will ask you whether you will prefer the prefabricated or the whole granite slab. Well, the thing with prefabricated granite is that they might seem convenient at first but they are considerably more uneconomical than the entire slab of granite. And you can get the entire slab of granite at wholesale prices where you can further decide upon the design and fabrication cost you like.

Before making the purchase:

So you decided to buy the whole slab and now you want them to cut it into a particular countertop size. But before proceeding with this, make sure that you examine the slab properly so that after its being cut and installed you won’t get surprised with any alterations related to its patterns or swirls.

Ask about the equipment:

A good granite provider will only make use of advanced equipment for cutting granite. Hence, see that your granite provider uses such equipment as that would affect finishing look of the material after it is cut and installed.

Check their previous work:

Before buying any granite slab from a granite provider, remember to ask them for references of their previous clients. Also, check for official certifications as a reliable granite provider would have nothing to hide about its past work as well as any accreditations.

Stone Selection for your Bathroom Space

Are you planning a bathroom renovation? If yes, then know this that you are making a very valuable investment to your home as well as your lifestyle. A renovated bathroom is always worth all the time and money spent and you can add more to your bathroom by using stone pieces which will completely transform your bathroom space into something spectacular and stunning. Whether it’s your bathtub surround or your vanity countertops – you can never go wrong with stone pieces. Stones come in single large slabs and hence, the major benefit of using a stone is that you won’t be facing any issues related to grout lines or mild dew when compared to the tiles installation. Moreover, when it comes to the appearance nothing can beat the beauty and lustre of a stone. If you are looking to just add something striking to your bathroom space or want to add value to your home then stone pieces are what you should be going for. Let’s look at some popular stone choices which you can make for your bathroom space:

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Marble is probably the most eye-catching natural stone out there and will give your bathroom the most incredible look you can ever think of. Marble stone comes with kaleidoscopic colors from faint pinks to rich blues to striking browns and blacks. Yes, these stones are expensive and are more prone to stains and spots (maybe more than its counterparts) but when treated with care can exclude the staining problem completely. For extra preventive measures what you can do is apply a silicon sealer on the surface of the marble on a regular basis so as to protect the stone from permanent damage.


Granite is perhaps the most expensive natural stone and an extremely popular choice for countertops. Granite stone is very durable and its rich swirl variations and patterns are what makes this stone extra spectacular. Just like marble, you have to coat the surface with a sealant to protect the stone against stains, water, and soap suds from penetrating the stone. Also, as granite comes in large single slabs you wouldn’t have to worry about sealing any seams. This stone is available in an extensive range of colors and patterns and will compliment a small as well as spacious bathroom space. If you have a small bathroom you can use light colored granites to make it appear roomy and if you have a big bathroom then you can add wonders to your bathroom space with dark-colored granites.


Unlike marble and granite, quartz stone is not something that is extracted as large slabs. They are fabricated by crushing and mixing natural quartz with resin and then transferring them into large sheets. Even though they are fabricated they are as durable as granites and are also available in plenty of color options that you can ever come up with. If you are looking for a stand out piece then quartz is your answer and the best thing about this stone is it requires less maintenance than its counterparts.

Hence, these were some stone options which you can consider for your bathroom space and there are many Bathroom Remodeling Service providers which would also help you in picking out the right stone for your bathroom.

Granite Vs. Quartz: Which one is the best?

The Granite Vs. Quartz is the most debated topic you will ever come across and probably will remain one. There are some homeowners who highly prefer granite material for their kitchen or bathroom countertop while there are others who prefer quartz over granite. The base of this debate is typically about the unique properties and benefits of both the stones. Well, if you too are confused about which countertop to go for let’s look at some categories which can help you decide the best countertop material for your kitchen renovation or installation. But first let’s see what exactly granite and quartz is:

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Granite is a 100% natural hard stone which is mined from quarries from around the world. It is then cut down into different shapes and sizes and which are then polished according to the specific requirements.

Quartz is not 100% natural stone and when it comes to using it as a countertop around 95% of natural quartz is mixed with 5% polymer resins and then used as kitchen or bathroom countertops.

Read below to find out the difference between granite and quartz:

Appearance: Granite is available in so many colors and patterns (rich swirls and variations) that they are like a beauty to behold. You will find a plethora of options to choose from if you are considering them for your kitchen’s or bathroom’s countertops. Whether you need something exquisite or an exceptional granite slab you will find such and much more options when it comes to using Granite For Kitchen Countertops. As granite is natural and mined as large, single slabs, no two slabs of granite are exactly the same.

Quartz stone is 100% artificial and is manufactured by mixing crushed quartz and resin or some other agent. This is what gives the customers the option of getting their preferred quartz stone customized, which makes quartz a popular countertop stone.

Maintenance: When it comes to looking after a granite slab installed in a kitchen or a bathroom: you will need to make sure that you clean the surface with mild cleaner and water. Know about the oil and acids which can permanently damage the slab. And to add to the shelf life of the slab, consider getting them re-sealed once every year.

However, while caring for quartz does include the cleaning with mild cleaner and water you don’t need to reseal them.

Durability: Granite is a durable material which is resilient to heat and other kitchen components. However, owing to its porous nature if spilled liquids are not attended to on immediate basis can stain your slab.

Quartz is more durable than granite and is almost unbreakable. Unlike granite, it is non-porous but does require some look after when placing hot pans directly on the surface.

Eco-Friendly: As Granites are a natural stone, lots of resources and energy is required to get them quarried and this is what makes them less eco-friendly when compared to its counterpart.

Well, quartz is an engineered material and when we compare it with granite, we can say that it is more eco-friendly than granite.

6 Tips to get the most out of the Granite Remnants

So you have installed a granite countertop in your kitchen space and we all know it mustn’t have been cheap at all. You must have bought an entire piece of slab for your countertop and after cutting it to fit your kitchen island you would have found some leftover odd-sized pieces. You might be wondering whether to throw them away in the trash or return them to your manufacturer so that they would do something with it. Well, granite slab remnants are not something that should be thrown away because they would give the exact same aesthetic appeal as a larger slab of granite but at a cost-effective price. You can use them in so many ways in your home and give your space an upscale look without having to spend money on an entire granite slab. Let’s see how you can make the most out of the granite remnants for your home space:

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For Patio: Have you been considering to redesign your patio and have looked for different paving material options for it? Well, look no further; you can get an elegant looking patio by using granite remnants for it. You can use the remnants of your kitchen granite as well as buy different colored granite remnants from a granite manufacturer or supplier and get an out-of-the-world look for your patio space.

For Furniture: One of the best ways of using granite leftover parts is for overlaying furniture – be it a bookcase, desk, dresser, dining table, etc. you can use it effectively. This would certainly turn your furniture piece into an amazing and eye-catching item and that too in an inexpensive way.

For Shelves: If you were considering to place some shelves in your laundry room then nothing can be better than granite leftovers. Create beautiful shelves for your laundry room with same colored or different colored granite remnants. You can even use the same for creating attractive accent place or mantel shelf in the living room.

For the Backyard: Give your backyard space a vibrant splash with colorful granite fragments. Whether you want to place some bench pieces across your large backyard or create a beautiful fireplace or a sitting area or a gazebo you can never go wrong with granite remnants.

For Walk-in-Closet: If you have a walk-in-closet and you want to add some character to it, then an island made up of granite remnants is what you need.

For Backsplash: The leftover parts of granite can also be used as backsplash tiling for kitchen spaces which will considerably cost you lower than your original Backsplash Installation Costs. You can even use it for bathroom vanity space giving your bathroom an exotic appearance at a much less price.

4 Tips on choosing the Best Granite Countertops

So you have decided to accentuate your kitchen with beautiful granite countertops and you already know how durable they are and how they can revamp your kitchen giving it a touch of opulence. Well, all things considered (the plus points of using granite countertops, etc.) one of the most daunting tasks would certainly be finding the right one. With so many granite countertops options available out there, this is probably the most difficult thing to decide upon. Check out the below tips on how to choosing the perfect granite for kitchen countertops:

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Consider the kitchen space:

While choosing out the ideal granite countertop for your kitchen the first and foremost thing you need to consider is your kitchen space. For example, if you have a tiny kitchen you can use lighter tones of granite to make it look spacious. And if you have a large kitchen you can go for dark and earthy tones to make it look homely and smaller. Know these light colors make a place look bigger and dark colors make it look smaller. Hence, consider your kitchen area and choose accordingly.

Consider the Lifestyle:

When you are searching out for the right granite countertop for your kitchen space, do not forget to consider your lifestyle for one. If you don’t find much time to clean the countertops every single day you should avoid dark colors and go for earthy tones that would obscure any stains or mess on the surface.

Consider the Countertop color:

The countertop color plays a vital role in complementing your kitchen space and hence it should be chosen with utmost care. While choosing the color of your countertop don’t forget to consider the cabinetry of your kitchen. You are supposed to choose a countertop that is in contrast to the cabinets and not of the same color. If you have dark colored cabinets you can go for Bianco Romano, colonial cream, lemon ice, etc. basically white or light-colored granite with color swirls matching the cabinetry. Likewise, for light-colored cabinets, you can go for any dark-colored granite countertops with rich light color variations.

Consider the lighting:

You also have to consider the lighting of the kitchen area to choose the right granite countertop. If there is plenty of natural light, you can choose a dark-colored granite countertop with white variations in it. On the contrary, if there isn’t too much natural light in your kitchen, you should pass up dark colors because they would make your kitchen look smaller and cramped.

Thus, these were some tips that you need to remember when you go out looking for a Granite Countertop for Kitchen Space. When you go to any granite shop don’t forget to take pictures of your kitchen interiors with you, this way you won’t even have to recall again and again about the interiors of your kitchen space and can find a perfect match for it. Also, you can even go for two different granite color selection for your kitchen (given that you have a massive kitchen area).